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Dear (regular) visitor,

As you might have noticed there haven't been any updates recently. Also some of you who have sent an email might have noticed that it has gone unanswered.  This is due to the unfortunate fact that Freddie Veltens has passed away as result of a brain hemorrhage  at the age of 40 on April sixteenth 2013. Freddie leaves behind his two boys aged 2 and 4 his wife and an unfulfilled dream. His dream which was near to completion as you can see on this website. Only an engine and some minor details are missing. For anyone who might have an idea to get Freddie’s dream finished don’t hesitate to send an email.

Freddie will be dearly missed.

With kind regards,

His family.  


16-02-14 Guestbook is open
03-02-07 Steering wheel
16-01-07 New pictures
03-01-07 Started making interior

06-12-06 Started making seats



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